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"Safety is a number one priority at the Confidence Park. The Confidence Park's Ropes Course is an exciting and challenging adventure program for any youth group. The Ropes Course helps groups and individuals develop confidence, build trust, and learn decision-making qualities and problem-solving skills while having fun outdoors. The Group Initiative activities and Ropes Course events are the two crucial parts of the Rope Course. Each plays a significant role in developing cooperation and teamwork among group members.

Our adventure course provides many challenges for the campers while teaching them the central values of teamwork and the necessary skills to succeed in climbing. One Ropes Course events are built 20 to 25 feet off the ground between utility poles. Each event has a specific goal for the participants, which help them meet the challenges and encouraging group members to support each other, Confidence Park staff teach participants how to overcome fears.

The course is inspected by an industry-approved specialist to ensure that all parts, cables, and other equipment are in proper condition and functioning correctly. Our ropes course facilitators have received specialized training in operating the course and in the most effective belay techniques (referring to the process by which participants are secured into the system of cables, ropes and pulleys with their harnesses and kept safe from falling).

Experience this unique ropes course challenge at Madan Dam and Navegaon Bandh with Confidence Park.

  • Meals: We provide all meals and snacks from dinner on Day 1 to Lunch and snacks on the final day."

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