Rock Climbing
Confidence Park

"A challenging and exhilarating sport, Rock Climbing has gradually become one of the most sought after adventure activities on our adventure camps amongst people of all ages.

Confidence Park Adventures creates a supportive, friendly environment in which campers can challenge themselves on vertical adventures while developing new skills. At Confidence Park, campers reach new heights! We own a climbing area at Madan Dam and Navegaon Bandh Rocks that is part of our camp facility. We offer rock climbing every day, allowing campers to develop strength and skill while having fun exploring different climbs. You will spend plenty of time upon the rock while receiving individualized attention to improving your climbing technique & technical skills.

We focus on technique, placing protection, rope handling, anchor building, basic rescue and overall efficiency. We have developed a training program that helps climbers of every level develop skills and build valuable climbing-specific strength. All of the classes are catered to the interests and abilities of the trip participants.

  • Meals: We provide all meals and snacks from dinner on Day 1 to Lunch and snacks on the final day. At the end of the trip, you'll have made great friends, climbed memorable routes, and will have furthered your skillset to be a more competent and efficient climber."

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