Confidence Park

Quality & SafetyQuality

Confidence Park is aimed at providing assistance to individuals and families, particularly young adults, achieve physical, mental, emotional and financial wellness. The park also helps them to assess their own self-worth. All this is so important because when we have a better understanding of ourselves, we are able to experience ourselves as unique individuals. Confidence Park empowers the rural tribal youth to make changes and also build on their strengths as well as identify where improvements are required.

In the same manner, Confidence Park aims at providing the tourists the best and a a wide range of adventure sports. With a plethora of leisure facilities and an array of options in extreme sports and recreational sports one can enjoy the adrenaline rush and unadulterated extreme sports with an assurance of international safety standards and with help of a well trained staff.

Set up against the stunning backdrop of the green and rugged terrain of the local area Confidence Park belts out activities that are safe on all fronts. The activity locations are tested, worked on and scrutinized thoroughly by the experts while all the safety systems are pre-checked. We strictly follow preventive methods of safety but are also well equipped with reactive measures too. All the gear and safety equipment used is approved and is tested for strength and are of the top quality.

The Confidence Park is wholly owned and operated by the local youth and the revenue generate is used by them for their growth and sustenance.