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"Come kayak with Confidence Park! Paddle and play through local waterways. Watch for wildlife on the water and shore: birds, deer and even otters. Easily one of the most popular activities at the Camp, the confidence park's kayaking camp program is attractive and accessible to all.

Our passionate and experienced instructors will be kayaking with you to introduce to all the tricks of this excellent water sport. What better way to learn than by kayaking Camp's beautiful lake waters at Madan Dam and Navegao bandh? First-time boaters at our Camp for kids begin by learning the equipment basics; life jackets, skirts, parts of the kayak and paddle.

You will spend time learning the various kinds of paddle strokes and fundamentals of safe boat handling. Balance and posture also play a very vital role in kayaking, and each paddler receives specific one-on-one instruction in correct torso rotation and wet exits.

Extreme care will be taken for this activity, and our kayaking camp instructors are chosen for their years of experience and levels of certification.

  • Meals: We provide all meals and snacks from dinner on Day 1 to Lunch and snacks on the final day."

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