The thick Silver Fir woods surrounded by snowcapped peaks all around year make Manali one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. The most natural and amazing way to explore the majestic Himalayas in Himachal is by trekking. Manali Snow Trek will offer you the best views of Himalayas. Manali looks stunning in winters - the white beauty! It is all covered in snow and it looks magical, just like some wonderland right out of a fairytale. Manali is nestled between two Himalayan ranges - Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar. Manali with lush green forests and crystal clear gushing Beas River with the backdrop of White Mountain peaks is all an adventurer seeks!

Manali Snow Trek will start from base camp Shuru and Prini, which lies to the north of Rohtang Pass. It's the most lively and charming village in the valley. Most of the treks start from here. Naggar was once the capital of Kullu valley. You will trek to Hamta Hills, Hamta village and Setan Village where you can get the views of Dhauladhar ranges - Hanuman Tibba, Barabhangal and distant Kaliyani Pass. The villages are inhabited by locals of Kullu Valley and are untouched by tourists. You will visit the verdant Sterling forest that has Cedar, Magnolia, Oak and Pine trees. Get your legs ready to trek in the snow field above Kharimindiyari.

Manali- Snow Trek / Course Program, Proposal for Manali Western Himalaya

The unrivalled beauty of Manali / Shuru & Hamta region, which is one of the most prominent outdoors get-a-way locations, has all the ingredients that could give you the experience of a lifetime.

The challenge of the daunting mountains may unnerve you, but remember you'll come out with an experience of a lifetime. Experiences that will enchant you, enthrall you, and captivate you forever!

Himalayan Excursions will organize a 06 days Trek / Snow & Adventure program. The program consists of:

  • Leadership Skills through games/ challenges
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Basic rock climbing
  • Rappeling
  • Valley Crossing
  • Backpacking
  • Group Discussions.

Dates : Date of Departure
[Ex Nagpur]
Date of arrival at Nagpur Age group
HE20/TREK/1 3RD MAY 2020 12TH  MAY 2020 12 YRS AND ABOVE


MAXIMUM ALTITUDE: By Height Gaining in Snowfield (3200- 3300M).


TRIP TYPE:  Snow Adventure trek / course

BATCH SIZE:  40 – 50 students.

DISTANCE: 593 Kms. from Delhi (one way).

TRIP LEVEL: Moderately easy.

REPORTING PLACE: At our selected Base Camp at Shuru (2050m.) Road head.

TRIP FEE EXCLUDES: travel from Nagpur to Manali and back, training, food, insurance, equipment hire charges[ Train by AC III, Bus: Volvo for delhi to Manali and back


MINIMUM AGE: 14 -18 years and above.


Mountain Camp at Hamta Hills (2550m.) in Hamta Region and 2nd Mountain Camp at Kharimindiyari (3120m.) and Trekking in Rourikhauri hills.

Himalayan Excursions has developed a 6 day Snow Trek in true Explore Himalayan style that offers additional emphasis on outdoor trekking and teaching techniques. This course is designed to develop outdoor skills and leadership; it offers a comprehensive experience in the methods and philosophy of Himalayan Excursions.

The Snow Trek begins and ends at Shuru Base Camp. On Day 1 our instructors will review your clothing and equipment and assist you with issue of gear and other required items.

The day will include registration, allotment of tents, a medical check up and familiarization with the campus. The next day the students will trek and learn basic Rock Climbing while trekking and do activities such as physical balancing activities etc.

The Snow trek will cover the basics of trekking & camping, cooking, stove use, “Leave No Trace” techniques and sanitation, all fundamental skills for living comfortably and sensibly in the outdoors. During the trek/ course, the students will live in tents.

As the trek/ course progresses, the students will take part in formal, informal classes and discussions that will include cultural issues, wilderness ethics, leadership, expedition behavior and outdoor teaching techniques.

The course may travel over steep slopes of snow, loose rock and exposed mountain trails. Prudent route selection and adherence to Himalayan Excursions safety practices will minimize risks from the dangers of moving water, falling rock, falls on steep terrain, avalanches, altitude and harsh weather.

Identifying and managing mountain hazards will be a constant theme of the instruction. Managing risks and assuming responsibility for yourself and your colleagues will help make this course a healthy and rewarding experience.

During the snow trek / course, there will be opportunities for ongoing critique. At the end, there is a more formal evaluation process. Their instructors provide each student with a written evaluation and the students in turn, get to evaluate their instructors and the program. Upon the successful completion of the trek / course, each student receives Certificate from their organizations.

Trek / Course Objectives – Adventure Course

Each course is unique due to variables such as route, group dynamics, fitness levels, logistics and environmental conditions. Working within this context, we intend to accomplish the following objectives in four basic areas.

Confidence building, Team work, Decision Making, Ledership development through exposure to Adventure and Nature based activities.


Day wise Program for 6-Day Snow Trek:

Day 01: The participants arrive at base camp at Shuru and the tents will be allotted. In the evening the participants have to issue equipment and will go through a discussion on LNT practices followed by a group discussion on the same. The participants will move to an acclimatization trek in the evening via Sharvani Devi Temple to Arjun Gufa. Today’s trek is basically considering a lean & leisure walk to put participants deep into an acclimatization  process and make them fit enough to higher camps.

Day 02:   Base Camp Shuru -   Hamta Hills (2550M) 4 hours.

The first day’s walk is an acclimatization trek to camp via Jamdagin Rishi Temple with 3hrs.on the steepest section at the start, through apple orchards and forest of blue pine, cedar, oak, fir and chestnut. A small hamlet Hamta has a very interesting legend as we heard from our forefathers. It’s a way to heaven. Those who dies and they have to go through Hamta, people who lived there they had heard some sort of noise of crying and a sounds of trumpet. It means a noise of crying shows that a person is going to the hell and with trumpet was considered to be going to the heaven. As Mount Inderkilla known as a place of heaven and a hell which is situated far beyond nearby at Inderasan peak.  This gigantic standing rocky mountain has its own cultural importance i.e. known as a crown of local God’s. It’s a story behind it as interpreted by our ancestors. The participants will move to explore evening activities at campsite. As soon as fitness activities are being completed and a complete group has to be taken to height gaining for about (100M) keeping in view smooth acclimatization process –‘Go higher Sleep Lower’ and stay overnight at Hamta Hills.

Day 03: Hamta Hills – Kharimindiyari/ Soroutoo (3120M) 4 hours.

The trek starts with a moderate section at the start, through forest of silver fir, Bhujpattar, oak and chestnut. On the way to Setan is followed by a potato farm, which is one of the largest farms in Himachal. The village of Setan populated by the Khampas, the horse rearing community that migrated from Spiti and Kinnaur.  Enrooted to Kharimindiyari and you will find plenty of Sheppard’s meadow and natural spring water. The trek reaches above the tree line and traverses horizontally.  Kharimindiyari is located in a grassy knoll at the foot of Rourikhauri.  From the camp, there is an enchanting view of the Dhauladhar range and its lofty mountain peaks -Hanuman Tibba, Shikhar-bay, Maker-bay and Friendship peaks. From the campsite you can also have a full view of Chanderkhani Pass and the Malana valley. The Soroutoo area is known as   ‘Thach’ meadow and is very popular for the local Gaddi shepherds. They graze their herds of sheep on these vast grassy meadows. Keep a look out for one of the rare glimpses of black and brown bear’s family below the campsite, towards ridge of Bhujdhar and Zameer. The campsite is in the open puff and in the evening either move up to explore snowfield up or move to evening activities.  Stay overnight at Kharimindiyari campsite.

Day 04: Exploration day (Half) at Kharimindiyari & Trek down to Hamta Hills (2550M) 3 hours.

The day begins at 6:00 the participants will go through a warm up session. After having breakfast the participants will move to exploration of snowfield trek up to the altitude of (3150M) to touch and feel snow and glissading on the slanted slopes. After completion of exploration trek of Kharimindiyari snowfield hills and back to campsite and after freshen up descend down to Hamta Hills through Hamta tea stall. During the third half of the day the participants will undergo evening activities till evening.

Day 05:  Hamta Hills – Base camp Shuru 3hours.

An easy waking takes you to small hamlet to Hamta Village from where it’s tiring and tremors walk through concrete man made stairs. Trek to Base camp Shuru from Hamta hills with two and half hours descending on the steepest section in a zigzag way till Jamdagini Rishi Temple through apple orchards. It’s a very hard and tiresome descending.  At temple rest for a while, then trail descends gently down till base camp. Stay overnight at Base camp. Trek concludes.

Day 06: Half day free and in the evening, departure by bus to Delhi.

After having breakfast participant/ group has to be given an opportunity to leave base camp. After completion of certifications and feedback forms to do shopping and roam around the market and have lunch from their own pocket and in the evening move to bus stand to catch a bus back to Delhi.


As this year, we have observed that during the winter season in surrounding Manali and above tree line has not have enough snow fall. It was almost dry everywhere above tree line and surroundings mountain hills. If it does so and during the month of May we would not be able to take any participants to snow point and one has to abandon a chance to touch snow.

NOTE: (a) Itinerary is subject to change due to enough accumulation/ volume of snow on the trek at higher camps and other natural calamities & circumstances. In this condition optional routes itinerary will be given/followed at the happening point.

In case of changes in routes and properties, Himalayan Excursions will accept no liability but make arrangements for substitution of equal measure.

In case of accident, illness, injury or mishap, Himalayan Excursions will accept no liability or its staff wholly or partially, responsible for the same.


  1. Loose/Comfortable clothing – two pairs
  2. Thick Pullover – 2 nos.
  3. Sports shoes
  4. Water bottle
  5. Sun hat
  6. Snow/Sun goggles
  7. Torch with spare cells
  8. Writing material
  9. Antiseptic/ Sun burn cream
  10. Knee cap & band – aid

 We will provide the following items to the students.

  1. Ruck Sack
  2. Sleeping Bag
  3. Carry mats
  4. Wind Cheater
  5. Poncho
  6. Technical equipment --- Rock Climbing & Rappelling equipment.