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"Astronomy Camp engages through the concept of doing science and engineering. It is an experience like no other ""Science Camp"" can offer. The camps reinforce school subjects and provide students glimpses into future career areas Confidence Park offers unforgettable educational camp programs for everyone who love science and space exploration.

This camp is designed for campers who love astronomy, solar system and want to spend time learning more about this fascinating subject with others who share their passion. Campers will broaden their horizons and learn valuable communication, teamwork, decision making and problem-solving skills in an encouraging and supportive environment. Telescope observations, rocketry, and planetary system and solar science will deepen their understanding of science and space exploration

During Astronomy Camp students undertake a variety of hands-on projects in science and engineering. Some examples of projects are measuring solar activity, interacting with professional astronomers on modern research topics, etc.

  • Meals: We provide all meals and snacks from dinner on Day 1 to Lunch and snacks on the final day.
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